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School of software Engineering & Artificial Intelligence
Karibu Ubunifu

Developing the capacity to innovate.

We are a Premier Disruptive School of Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Data Science, Robotics and Blockchain.

Imagine a school where you graduate with your startup business and not only some worthless certificates. Ubunifu was built for those who want to innovate, those who think different and those who want to defy the status quo.

We are fun, inventive and artistic, obsessed with outcomes and welcoming to anyone who has a dream.

Methodology & Success
Graduate with your startup

At Ubunifu, students learn with the focus of building and launching to market their startups at the end of their program. We dont offer job placements.

Learn from top minds

Our curriculum is delivered by active industry thought leaders such as Reinhard & etc. The opportunity to be coached by accomplished engineers is rare.

Project based Learning

Ubunifu's unique curriculum is based on the Project based Learning methodology. Students identify what they need to build/work on and we deliver through supported work.

Peer Learning

Learn by doing. Learn from earch other. Always asking “why,” we constantly question the status quo. By challenging ourselves and one another, we’re building a new kind of community.

Do you think you belong here?

Over the past 100 years, alot of areas in life have been revolutionized but education is not one of them. Historically, higher education has avoided competitive disruption. One reason for this past immunity is the power of prestige in the higher education marketplace, where the quality of the product is hard to measure. At Ubunifu Our focus is to graduate all students innovation ready, ready to solve problems creatively.

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How we work.


After online appreciation, Our admissions team will contact you to schedule a personal interview so that we can make sure we can help you meet your goals.

02.Method of Teaching

We use project based Learning to deliver our curriculum. Students and the tutor will identify a unique problem and learn by building or working on it.


All our classes run for 4 hours a day (9am- 1pm) except robotics that runs full time (9am - 5pm). Virtual classes' short courses run for 2 hours a day.

04.How do we measure success?

Ubunifu College is not a coding school, its a startup school. We measure success by students ability to build a product and launch to market within a given timeline.

Most successful Startups from Ubunifu

Student's Success

Ask Mama

Developer: Myra Anubi


Developer: Ted Opiyo

If you know how to read, you can learn how to code


It's not just about software

Discovering new worlds. Giving a voice to the disenfranchised. Saving the environment. Connecting people across the globe. Being a software developer isn’t just about coding — it's about making our communities better for everyone.


Learn how to start a company

Ubunifu's model is built around enabling students learn the neccessary skills they need in order to use them to build a startup and launch to market before graduating. This is an amazing process where you will be taught everything you may need to start and run a successful startup.


Learn the soft skills that matter

Our project-based learning environment leads you to work effectively in groups, articulate ideas, speak in front of audiences, and think outside of the box — all skills that will ensure your success as an engineer and on your journey to build something great

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