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For People who think different.

Premium school of Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotics & Blockchain.

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Why Ubunifu College?

Developing the capacity to innovate.

We are a Premium school of Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotics & Blockchain.

Ubunifu College is not for everyone, it is for the people who want fulfillment, people who want to innovate, who think different and those who want to defy the status quo. It’s for the ones who want to create freedom, make connections, and have a say in what happens next. It’s for the ones who want to design their tomorrow.

We are fun and quirky, elite but not elitist, inventive and artistic, obsessed with outcomes, and welcoming to talented people regardless of their career background.

Graduate with your startup

At Ubunifu, students learn with the focus of building and launching to market their startups at the end of their program. We dont offer job placements.

Learn from top minds

Our curriculum is delivered by active industry thought leaders. The opportunity to be coached by accomplished engineers is rare.

Project based Learning

Ubunifu's unique curriculum is based on the Project based Learning methodology. Students identify what they need to build/work on and we deliver through supported work.

Funding for graduating startups

We leaverage on economies of scale to fund the best innovative graduating startup per class for a 10% equity plus free office space and cloud storage for 6 months.

Reinventing Education for the Future of work

Over the past 100 years, alot of areas in life have been revolutionized but education is not one of them. Historically, higher education has avoided competitive disruption. One reason for this past immunity is the power of prestige in the higher education marketplace, where the quality of the product is hard to measure. At Ubunifu Our focus is to graduate all students innovation ready, ready to solve problems creatively.

Here we build dreams.

We not only focus about the creation of knowledge, we focus on how that knowledge will actually impact student's lives and make their lives better. When you join Ubunifu College we ask you "What problem do you want to solve with the knowledge you are about to acquire?" then our job for the time you will be at the institution will be to help you meet your goals & dreams. After your studies we will take you through an Entrepreneurship & Innovation class to help you launch your startup.

Our Programs
Free Laptop

Free personal linux computer for Robotics program students

Coffee & Snacks

Free Cofee & Snacks provided at the campus

Students Accommodation

We have partnered with Qwetu living to offer student hostel for anyone from anywhere

Startup Incubation

All graduating startups are offered free office space, server space etc for 6 months

How we work.


After online appreciation, Our admissions team will contact you to schedule a personal interview so that we can make sure we can help you meet your goals.

02.Method of Teaching

We use project based Learning to deliver our curriculum. Students and the tutor will identify a unique problem and learn by building or working on it.


All our classes run for 4 hours a day (9am- 1pm) except robotics that runs full time (9am - 5pm). Virtual classes' short courses run for 2 hours a day.

04.How do we measure success?

Ubunifu College is not a coding school, its a startup school. We measure success by students ability to build a product and launch to market within a given timeline.

Startup School
Learn how to start a company

Have you ever imagined a school where you graduate with your startup company rather than a useless certificate? Ubunifu's model is built around enabling students learn the neccessary skills they need in order to use them to build a startup and launch to market before graduating. This is an amazing process where once a week you will be taught everything you may need to start and run a successful startup.

If you know how to read, you can learn how to code Book a call
Other Skills we offer that matter most in this new economy

There are set of core competencies every young person must be well on the way to mastering not just to get and keep a good job but equally important to be a life long learner and to be an active and informed innovator. This is delivered through our Entrepreneurhip & Innovation (Launching and running a startup) module.

In todays economy, in order to win you need to think continuously about how to improve your product, your process or your service - to be a problem solver
Increasingly all work in todays economy is done collaboratively more and more infact are being done virtually. More companies eg IBM when they have a new problem to solve, a new client they quite intentionally create a team from their different centres around the world that work virtually because they want to create solutions that will work in more than one culture or country but the way those teams are led is profoundly different. They are no longer led by supervisors telling people what to do, they are led by peers throung influence and they are an incredibly diverse team so you must have a deep appreciation for differences as you lead your peers through influence
The pace of todays economy has changed and the complexity of problems simply demands that we be far more agile and adaptable
You know why most graduates dont know how to write? because they dont know how to think, they dont know how to reason and that is only half the problem. The main problem is that they do not know how to write with voice meaning to put their own passion and perspective into their communication so as to be persuasive
Know how to do an effective research, how to ask a good question and analyze and evaluate the results then apply them to a problem they are solving or something they are trying to understand
The right brain skills being increasingly important in a more sophisticated consumer economy where we are demanding more beautiful products and empathetic services This is very important in the innovation economy where we need to graduate all students innovation ready, ready to solve problems creatively and the bedrock of that capacity to be a creative problem solver is curiosity and immagination
Developing the capacity to Innovate
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