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Ubunifu College is Premium school of Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotics & Blockchain.

Why we created Ubunifu College
Our Story

Ubunifu was created for those who want to learn software development in order to build Startups, Products and SAAs.
We also created ubunifu to change the way software engineers are taught. We have a lot of 'coders' who can't write proper code therefore building bogus products or cant finish tasks because of the uniqueness of the problem. Most of these developers are classified as 'copy-paste' developers. This always boils down to skills acquisition.

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A Changing Global Landscape

Have you ever imagined a school where you graduate with your startup company rather than a useless certificate? Ubunifu's model is built around enabling students learn the neccessary skills they need in order to use them to build a startup and launch to market before graduating.

We invest in human potential

It’s not just about what’s happening today, but what will happen a month, year, or decade from now. We provide students with the right skills needed for the future of work so they can have a say in what happens next.

Dennis Okore Chief Operating Officer
We are fun and quirky, elite but not elitist, inventive and artistic, obsessed with outcomes, and welcoming to talented people regardless of their career background.

No prior coding knowledge needed. Al long as you can read and write, you can code!
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