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The culture of developing the capacity to innovate is our mission at Ubunifu College.

Why we created Ubunifu College
Our Story

Ubunifu College was started by a committed team of AI Engineers, with a mission to change the way we think about education. Ubunifu College was born out of the idea that enterprises, startups and high-performance businesses across industries are increasingly turning to Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics to make faster, more effective, data-driven decisions. The volume of unstructured and structured data stored by enterprises is growing at an accelerating rate.

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A Changing Global Landscape

Tech needs more talent, more innovation, and more inclusivity. Yet despite the demand, traditional models of post-secondary education are not preparing students for an industry that is constantly changing. So we decided to do something about it. .

We invest in human potential

It’s not just about what’s happening today, but what will happen a month, year, or decade from now. We provide students with the right skills needed for the future of work so they can have a say in what happens next.

R.B. Omukuba Founder & CEO
Having a basic Software development background is not enough in this fast moving world. Machine learning is becoming a fundamental skill in software development in this new era.

We are driven by a shared purpose: Prepare the future generation through education, research and innovation. We are fun and quirky, elite but not elitist, inventive and artistic, obsessed with outcomes, and welcoming to talented people regardless of their background.
How we work

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