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Welcome - Karibu Kenya

Ubunifu is derived from a Swahili word which means “Creativity”. Our teaching is centered around world-class, cutting-edge curriculum and delivered through Project based learning by accomplished engineers. Located at the capital of Kenya, Nairobi, Ubunifu College's Vision is to expand access to better incomes and build an innovation engine producing cutting edge tech entrepreneurs.

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More than Just Overseas education

Ubunifu College is for people who want fulfilling, people who want to innovate, who think different and those who want to defy the status quo. It’s for the ones who want to create freedom, make connections, and have a say in what happens next. It’s for the ones who want to design their tomorrow

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What do you need in order to study at Ubunifu College?

For you to study at Ubunifu College, you are required to have the relevant legal documentation, which includes visa requirements. This will require you to obtain a relevant students visa. We do not process or pay for international student visas. You will apply online at Ubunifu College, after the registration is successful we will send you the guidelines to the international students visa application process.

Are You Ready To Redesign Your Life?
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