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Learning & Product development

Pick the pathway which fits your idea/Interest. During your time at the college, you wil be taught and at the same time you will be building your product

Startup School

While building your product, you will also be taught how to turn your idea into a company and building a unique business model around it.

Startup Launch & Incubation

After your course, your product will be ready for launch. This is where we will incubate your startup and provide you with resources for at least 6 months

Learn by Doing

Project-based learning is a proven, alternative learning methodology to the traditional teacher-led lecture and memorization educational method. Rather than teaching a lot of theory and having students occasionally apply a fraction of their knowledge on a class project, we do the opposite. We give our students increasingly difficult programming challenges to solve with minimal initial directions on how to solve them. As a result, our students learn to look for the theory and tools they need, how to understand them, how to apply them, and how to work as a team.

Soft skills and career Development

Being a successful software engineer is more than just coding solo at a computer. The most successful engineers make their impact through brainstorming with peers, sharing techniques, pitching ideas, writing technical articles, and organizing meetups. In fact, Google recently found the seven top characteristics of success at Google are all soft skills. Our project-based curriculum pushes our students for better communication and teamwork, and our events, meetups, and talks help our students hone interviewing skills, tackle coding challenges, attend events with industry insiders, and more.

Startup School; Building & Launching your startup

Ubunifu's business model is build around students getting the necessary skills they need to build a product then build a product while learning and launch it before they graduate. This is achieved by our weekly "Hustlers' Fridays" where students pitch what they are working on to a team of accomplished engineers, fellow students and people who run successfull startups. This is where we also evaluate individual student's progess. Before a student graduate we expect them to have a ready-to-market startup


Statups at ubunifu are not just about building mobile apps and websites then looking for funding, we help students look at problems differently and approach them with out-of-the box innovative solutions. AI & Robotics are lucrative areas that investors are keen on.

Startp Incubation

All startups that graduate from Ubunifu get a 6 months free office space, a 6 month free virtual cloud server, Possible introduction to VCs, A shared receptionist, and Access to boardroom & conference facilities at Ubunifu Centre for AI Research & Development.

Funding for graduating startups

At our current capacity, we leaverage on economies of scale to only fund the top graduating startup per class (Robotics & AI) with amounts ranging from KES. 75,000 to KES.500,000 at 3% equity plus free office space and virtual cloud server for 6 months.