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Web Development

Web Development with Machine Learning

Have you ever said to yourself: "I'd like to learn programming, but where should I start?” or "I'd like to get started in Machine Learning, but where should I start?” This course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the programming field. It will help you go from zero or very little knowledge of web development to having a fundamental understanding of web applications development, Machine Learning and a comprehensive knowledge of building chatbots in just 6 weeks

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Android Development

Mobile App Development with Machine Learning

What if we could tell you that you could build adanced apps such as Instagram, Siri, Airbnb or Uber in just 3 months? Cool right? This is a groundbreaking project-based approach that simulates a rigorous professional developer experience. Over twelve weeks, you'll learn all the skills needed to begin a career as a Android Mobile App Developer. Through hands-on projects, we train you to build mobile applications with Java, Machine Learning and Firebase DB. Prior programming experience isn't required.

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Data Science

Fundamentals of Data Science

Just as the witchdoctors in Tanzania imagine having the skills of Identifying where a business went wrong & what are they not doing right and how to fix it, what are the customer needs and what do they prefer under what conditions, customer consumption pattern, what factors affect the business under what variables, predict correctly sales for the next one year and have the ability to build a web app to view the insights. Here you will Gain hands-on experience building a machine learning systems & web apps in just 1 month!

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